The new software supports enhanced version of CCleaner fat

CCleaner as a free garbage removal system software, has been well received by many users, but as a comprehensive system maintenance software, the need for timely follow-up version of the software support is necessary, but it does CCleaner do good, recently have many software upgrades, and a new version of CCleaner also bred and born.

This update focuses on the new version of CCleaner support of the software, starting with the recent update to the 7.0 version of the Chrome Developer Edition provides support for the branch, then with Adobe CS5 Series and Nero 10 and provides support for Google Talk. Also fixes some small Bug, on the clean-up methods have also been improved. As a system maintenance software, we recommend that you update to the latest version to get the best results.


Version Update : v2.35 Build 1219

– Added clean up Firefox and Chrome ‘s Session support.

– Added more versions of Chrome support, including the development branch, Beta branch, and branches of the official version.

– Added Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe ImageReady CS, Nero Burning ROM 10, Google Calendar Sync, Google Talk support.

– upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS3, Google Earth and Adobe Flash Player support.

– A registry cleaning, cleaning and other clean-up start menu functions were improved.

– Fixed a number of Bug, the software interface and a number of improvements.

Microsoft was once the headquarters of Chinese Partner “drop field”

Yesterday morning, at the front of the headquarters Wangjing of Microsoft China, there has been the scene of the company signs smashed. Cooperation with the fame of the 10 Microsoft certified company boss Zhou Jingzhi projects, in order to contract disputes “seek an explanation” a row yesterday, Microsoft’s China headquarters.

Grievances of both sides began five years ago. December 1, 2015, 10 project certification, Microsoft China and the Baisha Group, held a news conference the three parties announced the Baisha Group, cigarettes will be applied 10 projects certified and Microsoft to provide information management system. Previously little-known 10 projects are thus certified overnight. According to 10 projects, said the company, to provide mobile phone because of its identification (coding) technology platform as needed to support Microsoft’s information, so when Microsoft bought the hardware and software worth 50 million yuan and paid more than 360 million technology services.

However, it is also this contract, both parties finally parted ways. 10 projects under the company’s position, Microsoft in collecting the relevant fees, has failed to provide the necessary services, indirectly leading to abortion of the project quietly. 10 present a huff to the company’s China International Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration, required the company’s breach of contract losses and interest to bear more than 7000 million. Late last month, the Arbitration Committee ruled, found: Microsoft China for the 10 projects certified technical services provided by the company of serious errors and flaws, the ruling Microsoft return 10 head of technical services costs 3.654 million yuan, 500,000 yuan attorney fees. For the 10 projects to the Microsoft 56.919 million yuan of economic loss claim, the arbitral tribunal is recommended by other legal channels.

Microsoft, the responsible person to respond to reporters yesterday, said that respect for the arbitral tribunal ‘s decision, but insisted that the 10 projects signed with Microsoft in 2006 to fulfill service contracts were completed. ”Microsoft has provided services under the contract, service delivery does not breach the contract.”

Our company did not acceptance, how to count to fulfill service contracts end. Microsoft Corporation in the 8 years for the nine veterans, it is these internal management problems caused the damage to our company.

Zhou Jingzhi obviously Microsoft is not the answer Satisfaction. It is understood that, since 1995, Microsoft executives in China is very much volatile, Jia-Bin Duh, Juliet Wu, Jack Gao, Tang Jun, Tim Chen, Ya-Qin Zhang, Simon Leung and so has served as president of Microsoft China, the changes will be on every executive Impact on the company’s cooperation.

Zhou Jingzhi told reporters yesterday, 10 companies will present next week at the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the Beijing Municipal Intermediate People’s Court made 100 million yuan and 60 million yuan of litigation.

Data show that 10 projects is a company engaged in commodity coding certification, logistics management, product quality certification of the joint venture company, was incorporated in 2004 in Shenzhen.

Ubuntu given up the Intel IA64 Itanium architecture

Early in the development of Ubuntu 16.4, Ubuntu Technical Committee to consider no longer supports Sun SPARC and Intel IA64 Itanium architecture, today voted to pass the technical members of the decision-making: To abandon support for SPARC and IA64 architecture.

In June, when, Ubuntu Technical Committee Ubuntu Developer Summit to discuss the issue and decided that if the characteristics of the freeze on Ubuntu 16.4 (August 12) is still not interested developers to shoulder maintenance, It will give up the Ubuntu SPARC port and Ubuntu IA64 port.

Ubuntu release version of a feature is to support different applications and hardware architecture providing a number of versions. However, with some versions of the use and maintenance of the level of serious shrinkage, Ubuntu Technical Committee decided to make some improvements to avoid wasted effort. With the SPARC and IA64 architectures lopsided, was abandoned Ubuntu has become inevitable.

In fact, to make such decisions and not just Ubuntu, back in April, when Microsoft announced the next generation of Windows Server no longer supports the Itanium architecture. Windows Server 2016 is the last Intel Itanium architecture supports a Windows Server operating system, while, SQL Server 2016 and the next version of Visual Studio 2015 also will not support Itanium.

The researchers exposed vulnerability affects all versions of Windows kernel

Microsoft will release 14 patches next Tuesday. To repair 34 vulnerabilities. However, the regular monthly patch not to patch Windows this coat to complete the entire integrity, security vulnerabilities frequently be exposed. Yesterday, the security research organization Vupen said they found present in the Windows kernel in a high-risk vulnerabilities.

The vulnerability can be exploited by attackers to carry out local denial of service attacks, was elevated privileges. The problem is that the kernel mode driver “Win32k.sys” the “CreateDIBPalette ()” function buffer overflow, the system will be affected by the collapse caused by hackers, motherhood-blog or execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges .

Vupen confirmed that the flaw affects systems : Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2, Vista SP1/SP2 and XP SP2/SP3.

VeriSign chief Kun Qian: Q4 Mobile Internet tool released

2015 Internet Conference on August 17 to 19 in Beijing, Tencent VeriSign technology exclusive interview with the Beijing Office Chief Representative Kun Qian, the following is an interview with him.
IDG (Zhang Xu) August 17 message, Beijing Office Chief Representative Kun Qian VeriSign guest Artesyn Technologies today said the interview room,cocktail dresses in the past year, China’s Internet has also undergone great changes, including to the real name system, are on the development of the Internet is good, so VeriSign will support the Chinese government.
Kun Qian also pointed out that VeriSign is actively under a number of Chinese users use the habit, the use of Internet-based VeriSign some of the existing management and resource in the development of mobile Internet tool that we probably will have some models in the fourth quarter out At that time we will share with you, you can use to do some demo Tencent, Tencent these users are also our potential customers, hoping to share information with you.

2015 Internet Conference on August 17 to 19 in Beijing, Tencent technology in the field live a full range of video and graphics. As the biggest highlights of the General Assembly this session one of the Internet, interactive large-scale introduction of micro-Bo the whole General Assembly. As the General Assembly official exclusive partner micro-Bo, Tencent micro-Bo Launched a# # to the CEO a question Activities, all users can advance to the CEO you are concerned about questions raised by the Internet industry.